His Royal Highness, Harold “Heru” Williams: CEO & Founder

“Racism, discrimination and oppression cannot create value or weld power in the money game when it’s played by those whose prime motivation is to create opportunities for others to rise and transform and profit from right actions.”

CEO Corner

In 2005, I along with several other Afrikan-Centered entrepreneurs created and formed the foundation and organizing principles for the Black Tie Consortium. Since that time, we have forged direct relationships with Afrikan Governments, Prime Banking Institutions,  entities that have proven commodifiable resources (Au-Gold, Rough Diamonds, Copper, etc.) and entities that leverage financial instruments.

What Black Tie Consortium promotes is “Intelligent Cooperation.” Our mission is to provide the resources necessary for utilization by our member and partner companies to bring their client’s vision into reality.

Black Tie Consortium is an  Afrikan Diaspora Community (ADC) Company. We are capitalist; in the sense that capitalism is a system that can be utilized to bring both wealth and prosperity through the utilization and propagation of tangible value for the greater good and wellbeing of the Afrikan people.

Black Tie Consortium is ready, willing, able and engaged in the development, funding and the promotion of an Afrikan-Centered socioeconomic and wealth building template that will afford all indigenous and diaspora dwelling Afrikans the opportunity to rise and transform.

Black Tie is committed to meeting and surpassing the expectations of our Ancestors in relationship to the true liberation of our people’s mind, body, spirit and creative ingenuity. We look forward to having all forward thinking Afrikan entrepreneurs join with us in this endeavor.