About Us

Black Tie International Consortium is an Afrikan Centered, multi-service, multi-platform corporation. Our group of companies have been designed from the ground up to meet the challenges of a diverse and constantly changing global market in Humanitarian Development, Commodities Acquisitions and Sales, Financial Platforms and Business Development. We maintain fully operational networks in Angola, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe and The Democratic Republic of The Congo.

We engage, aid and assist in a global movement and network of Pan-Afrikan Centered organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs, families and individuals. We believe this dynamic is the key for creating and implementing an Afrikan-Centered paradigm that will mitigate and eventually eliminate the effects of poverty, miseducation and ignorance that affects our people all over the globe.


Black Tie is an African-Centered society of spiritually enlightened entrepreneurs. The primary function of our organization is engaging solutions for redevelopment of viable socioeconomic infrastructures for at risk and disenfranchised communities worldwide. 

economic Enlightenment

Economic enlightenment is the knowledge of thinking beyond the needs of self and the wisdom to utilize systems and principles for the  enrichment of others via the creation of wealth building components in At-Risk Communities worldwide.

Intelligent cooperation

Human conflict results primarily from poverty; which causes stress leading to negative actions being initiated to bring relief. By implementing a value system through sustainable and intelligent cooperation and viable social, spiritual and economic development, we create value for those that exist within the communities that we serve.